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All the graphic documents (colour drawings, Black and White drawings and photos) are protected by the ADAGP.

Mutatis mutandis - 2007

© Clara Maïda

These twelve drawings are preliminary sketches for the composition of Mutatis mutandis for
twelve amplified strings.
The graphic material is derived from the double helix of the DNA and suffers a series of mutations on the level of form and colour

Bag-dead - 2006

© Clara Maïda

Inspired by Israel's bombing on Lebanon in August 2006, this series of drawings also evokes the war in Iraq.
The title is a word play on Bagdad, capital of Iraq, and the dead soldiers put in body bags.


Diffract -2008

© Clara Maïda


This series of photos aims to show the diffractions of shapes and colours observed on the pavements of the cities on rainy nights.